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Concert lecture as an approach of community music education : a case study of an orchestra educational programme /

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Concert lecture as an approach of community music education : a case study of an orchestra educational programme /

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Huo, Dong Fang Daisy
Hong Kong : The Education University of Hong Kong
The modern approaches to music education are becoming increasingly diversified. As traditional music education programmes in schools struggle to meet society's heightened aesthetic expectations, there has been a calling for innovative, attractive, and high-quality music education activities. Concert lecture is an emerging community music education activity combining professional performances with academic lectures. A concert lecture is often held in a concert hall, a theatre, or other public places and includes live musical performances by professional musicians accompanied by an explanation of related music knowledge, which helps the audience to understand and appreciate music. During the past few decades, several renowned professional orchestras across the globe have participated in similar cooperative and innovative educational programmes. However, there have been few systematic studies and assessments for concert lectures regarding the audience's reception, especially in China. It is vague whether these concert lectures have either achieved the educational goals or met the requirements of attendants, and there is an urgent need for more systematic and accurate assessment in concert lectures. Hence, as an attempt to study this music activity, this research has aimed to explore some renowned concert lectures' educational characteristics and evaluate the extent to which concert lectures contribute to people's music learning and the promotion of music education in the community.This study contains two phases: Phase I was a documentary analysis to answer Research Question 1: What are the educational characteristics of concert lectures? Through analysing a total of 10 distinctive and representative video clips of the Young People's Concerts (YPCs) conducted by Leonard Bernstein with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra (NYP) from 1958 to 1972, some formal and pedagogical characteristics of concert lectures were presented, which succeeded in doing a famous orchestration educational project that has attracted audiences from all over the world with a profound impact. Phase II was a case study of one concert lecture held in Beijing, which contained a quantitative questionnaire survey with 885 samples and qualitative interviews with eight interviewees to respectively respond to the Research Question 2: What are the motivations of the attendants in attending the concert lecture? and Research Question 3: What is the significance of the concert lecture in educating the attendants in understanding music? The questionnaire examined five values affecting attendants' motivation to participate in concert lectures based on the Expectancy Value Theory of motivation. The findings revealed that most audiences were willing to attend concert lectures with high motivation. The intrinsic and utility values were the top two significant values affecting the participants' motivation. In the semi-structured interviews, all eight attendants gave their opinions that concert lectures could help them to learn and appreciate music and also stated some criticisms and suggestions for concert lectures.Based on the literature review and findings from the two Phases, this study also discussed the function of concert lectures contributing to the development of community music education and the role of "supplement" to school music education. The significance of this study lies in the characterization of the functions and effects of concert lectures in music education. Investigating this innovative music activity in the community can provide a more systemic and accurate assessment. This may lead to improved educational efficiency and audience reception of similar music education projects, improving its social music culture popularisation services
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