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Explore the purpose of a school showcasing student digital arts in the school public space /

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Explore the purpose of a school showcasing student digital arts in the school public space /

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Chan, Wing Tung
Hong Kong : Education University of Hong Kong
A good learning environment brings many benefits to students' personal development, performance and learning atmosphere (蔡文豐和王玲玲, 2012; Hanrahan, 1998; Susanti et al., 2020). Although schools in Hong Kong always showcase students' artworks, they have suffered from the traditional method of showcasing. According to the learning environment and the showcasing of digital arts at schools for visual arts subjects in Hong Kong, limited relevant research is found. After visiting a school that showcased students' works in the form of digital arts, the researcher was fascinated to explore the purpose and factors of the school showcasing student digital arts in the school public space.This case study used qualitative research for investigating the teachers' perspectives and methods of showcasing students' digital arts at school. As the school is the research subject, semi-structured interviews were designed for two visual arts teachers at this school. Referring to the result of findings, the purposes of the showcasing are mainly for enhancing students' arts learning and creating a better learning environment. With the support from schools and colleagues, teachers achieved a great success in it. The research identified that teachers perform a significant role in organizing the showcasing. Teachers need to be a proactive, passionate, responsive life-long learner. Although the school in this case study faced many difficulties in implementation, they had a remarkable achievement in showcasing students' digital arts at school. By providing a successful reference, the researcher hopes that it could encourage visual arts teachers to make changes in the traditional showcase, moreover, create a digital arts learning environment and cyber atmosphere for the school. It is of paramount importance to enhance students' learning motivation for arts and encourage active participation in creative activities
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