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The Blended Learning approach in Hong Kong secondary school physics education /

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The Blended Learning approach in Hong Kong secondary school physics education /

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Dai, Chung Hei Jana
Hong Kong : Education University of Hong Kong
Under the effect of the COVID-19, it brings a huge negative influence on our society and daily life. In the meanwhile, how to maintain students' learning motivation and enhance students' academic performance under the impact of class suspension become one of the major education issues in recent years. This study aims to examine the impact of the Blended Learning approach on Hong Kong secondary school physics students' academic performance and learning motivation. This study will adopt the action research approach, recruit twenty to thirty secondary school students to join the project, having a Blended Learning lesson. In that lesson, students will learn the topic of The Light, Colors, and Beyond. And the whole project will take around 30 to 40 minutes to finish. Before and after the Blended Learning lesson, students need to finish a short quiz to study their learning outcome, also students need to complete the questionnaire before and after the course to determine their learning motivation on physics education. It is expected that this study can show the impact of the blended learning approach on students' academic performance and the changes of the teaching approach that can enhance students' learning motivation. This study will facilitate the reform of the Hong Kong physics education system and give more information to in-service and pre-service teachers on designing the most suitable lesson to support students' learning
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LG51.H43 hp BEd(Sci) 2022eb Daichj
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